How to WOO your man this Valentines day!



Hello to all you wonderful ladies out there. I hope you all had a lovely pancake day yesterday, I definitely made the most of the recipes I found and without a doubt the lemon meringue was my fave! It’s the major sweet tooth I think. And for those of you who decided to steer away from the standard lemon and sugar or chocolate spread toppings, make sure to let me know which ones were your favourites and not – so – favourite recipes as well as sharing new ones that you trialled yourself!

Who knew that typing only 100 words can make a girl so hungry on a Wednesday evening.

Anyway, for those of you who have decided to give up one of your favourite things for the next 40 days, albeit chocolate, cigarettes, wine…… the gym, cleaning the house, ironing, eating healthy dinners, work & cooking…. (if only), I thought it best I take your mind off of those cravings by suggesting the ways in which you can woo your man this Valentines Day (of which is on Sunday, make sure you remind him so he doesn’t forget and goes to the local football match instead.

If it’s a date night your having, make sure you have a killer outfit at the ready, and don’t my lovelies, I’m here for you!

Firstly, the perfect combination is to grab your favourite pair of jeans and combine it with one of our best selling tops…….

ladies wine coloured top

Not only does it look fabulously flattering, it also means you can order anything you like on the menu without the dreaded bloating fear if you’ve decided to wear anything tight.

It’s a romantic mood and it’s also inevitable that the red wine is going to make an appearance. Now this can be an absolutely fantastic idea, it’s a beautiful drink to relax any first date nerves. However, this can also be absolutely dreadful if you happen to have inherited ‘that clumsy gene’. You know the one that never allows you to sit at a table and have a drink without spilling it either on the table, the floor or yourself.  Well let’s just say our ‘Wine Red‘Clothing hasn’t been named ‘Wine Red’ for just any reason.

If, like many of my friends, you’re the type of girl who loves to wear black, and can almost never steer away from the colour, no matter how hard you try and even if you plan for weeks to wear an outfit of colour and you still at last minute decide to wear your LBD, why not compromise by making a statement with one of our beautiful statement necklaces, the give a subtle touch of colour to any all – black look, with ever going too over the top. Having such colour around your neck brightens the eye to make those moments when you look into each other’s eyes even more romantic.

ladies statement necklace

Anyways, enough of me, I hope you all have a lovely rest of your week and a gorgeous weekend!



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