What To Do With All That Spare Chocolate!


I was looking around the house while looking for inspiration for my next blog before I realised how much chocolate I have laying around my house, whether, it be Roses, Quality Street, Galaxy Bars or Kit Kats (my fave) they are everywhere! And although mine were not bought for me for Valentines Day, I thought that there must be a load of you women out there who have been given some for Valentines Day, or bought them for yourselves for Valentines Day or just bought some for yourself anyway. With this in mind I thought deeply about what is best to do with those chocolates, as for some of us, it has come at a really awkward time, because if it was your New Year’s Resolution to either cut – down or quit chocolate, you’re simply buggered.

So, maybe, it might help to take my advice here and do something with all those choccies!

First off all, I know you can’t burn it, largely, because the smell is horrible and secondly because it would be like burning a beloved, we simply cannot do it (most of the time) so maybe just simmer it under a little flame and let it melt into a little fondue to share with friends, grab some marshmallows, fruit, meringue, colourful sprinkles and chopped up cookies, gather your girls round and share the delight in a girls night. Chuck in a few glasses/bottles/barrels of wine (or shloer) and you’re all set!

A second excuse for a girls night is to turn that chocolate into a facemask, now I have never done this, but I know many of women who have and trust me it sounds amazing, almost like a chocolate smoothie, but for your face! Firstly, place an apple, banana, strawberries and water melon into a blender before adding a few tablespoons of your melted chocolate and then mix before applying the mask to your face and neck and wait for 15-20 minutes for the mask to set. There’s also a lot less mess than if you were to use a cosmetic facemask as you can actually eat this one.

If you really are ‘being good’ this month and not eating any chocolate, then you could wrap it up and give it as a gift to someone. The delicate jewellery bags that we send out our jewellery in to you all would be the perfect little gift bag for this.

It could even come in handy as an extra mother’s day gift if your feeling a little cheeky.

Lastly, when thinking of what I used to do with all the spare chocolate in the house that didn’t belong to my children I would put it all aside and use it as a bribe. You’d be surprised how more more willing your little one will be to make their own bed, or put a few dishes away if they know their getting your chocolate as a reward, because, despite having no idea why, to me, chocolate does always seem that little bit nicer when it’s somebody elses. (Don’t tell my husband I said that, he’s still looking for that little packet of Lindor he received this Christmas) ‘It must be the fairies’ I keep telling him……… ;)


With Love, Mandy xx

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