An Interview with The Naughty Forty Ladies!

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week! An absolutely gigantic thank you to all of you lovely people who came and supported us this weekend in our Pop – Up Shop! It was amazing to see you all and actually talk to my online customers that I hadn’t really had the opportunity to really talk to before! I absolutely loved it!

I’ve had a little catch up with the lovely ladies behind ‘The Naughty Forties Diary’ Blog, Tracey and Liz! I’ve had such a lovely time talking to them about the inspiration behind their blog and some of their personal advice for real women out there wanting to look classy and how to compliment every figure!

I thought I’d give you all an insight into our girly discussion as it’s you wonderful ladies that help us at Mandy’s Heaven to grow and help you even more in the future with your fashion choices. It’s the least I can do!

So here’s how our lovely little catch up went…

Me:When looking at your blog, it is clear your are both very close, how did you meet/become friends?

Tracey: Liz and I met through work about 6 years ago and instantly clicked. It soon became evident we had shared interests. We both loved writing and photography, fashion and beauty. During a chat ( way back in 2011!) the idea of writing a blog got mentioned.  The seed was set in place and Our original blog 'indulge in' was formed some weeks later. We loved writing it but we were both so busy with work and family we  never really gave it 100%. What can we say life and work got in the way!

Me:What inspired the 'naughty' behind the name; 'The Naughty Forties Diary'?

Tracey: In 2013 we decided to give it another bash and at the same time the blog had a mini over haul .We made a conscious issue to blog more and on a regular basis. We felt It was also a great time to change our name as we never felt 'indulge in' fitted. After much brain storming ' the naughty forty diaries' was born.  It's hard deciding on a name  and we both still think it sounds s little bit like a porn site , but it fits in with what we stand for ... 40 + ladies who enjoy life, who maybe want to be a little bit naughty ( in a totally innocent way!) after all age is just a number. 

Me:What would you say is each other's best feature?

Tracey: Liz's best feature are her eyebrows, they are perfect and all her own! She's also got an amazing figure - tall and slim with big boobs. How unfair is that?! I'm also tall with a boyish figure and long legs. I'd say my eyes were my best feature. Figure wise I've no idea what my best feature is as I've never really thought about it... So I've just asked my boyfriend. His verdict  boobs and bum !! ( typical)

Me: And finally do you each dress to flaunt your best feature?

I have good shoulders and long neck, therefore I love an off the shoulder top which I find flatters my figure ( and it also shows off my tattoo which is at the top of my arm)

What I’ve learned to speaking to both these lovely ladies, is that to be confident in yourself, is to recognise your flaws and realise that you are not the only one, and you need to embrace those flaws, because those may be flaws to you, but to somebody else, those flaws will be charming and to another that flaw will be beautiful! Love yourself my lovelies because it’s the most important thing in this world!

Right better dash, we’ve got a fashion show to start preparing for…. I’ll let you know more details next week!

Mandy xx


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