My 3 Favourite Looks Of The Spring 2016 Season So Far!

Hey you gorgeous lot!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, relaxing after the 4 day work week!

It’s been so lovely hearing all of your comments and when talking to some customers in the shop I’ve had a little think because a lot of you have been talking about how much you love the personal touch, so this week I’ve decided to put together my favourite outfits and explain how and why they work together and whether they  will work together! I thought, seeing as some of you simply live too far away to visit my in – house boutique, I thought I’d bring the experience to you!

Now, if I had a pound for everytime a lady says to me that she doesn’t want to drown herself in ‘baggy’ clothing because it will make her look bigger, I would be a millionaire,. However, if I also got a pound for everytime I’ve replied as to how it doesn’t actually, drown you, making you look larger then I would certainly be a billionaire. The answer to this is to know how to style yourself well, and not just allow yourself to simply drown in clothes but to also compliment your look with colour that can also slim. For example, in one of my new favourite pieces, we have our batwing tops, of which are available in many shapes, from blue to white to pink. With this, the key is to add features that allow your torso to become elongated and bring the focus of the look down to your trousers! This can be done with either a longline necklace or a scarf, of which have been modelled in our boutique.

As a little hint, it’s also add a touch of colour to your look by blending a scarf that encorporates both the dominant colour in which you are wearing (in this case, navy) and another brighter colour (for example, pink).


Secondly, I absolutely could not go this week without mentioning my new beloved! The Denver hat! I am IN LOVE! And the thing I love most about this piece is the fact that it can be modelled in SO many ways. Many of which include the draped button up cardigan. (But I’m biased to do this because I love them so much that each shade fills up my wardrobe, I just cannot get enough! The Denver Hat is one that combines an American Western style with a classic British theme! To add a little more of the ‘Wild West’ to this look, why not add a pair of cowboy boots into the mix?

 Thirdly, this season, due to popular demand I’ve decided to bring back a favourite from last summer, however, adapted to the comments that were made by customers. Our two piece flower detail tops, entwine the youth of a crop top with the dainty, shabby chic feel of flowers that embed the underlay. This stunning piece is available in blue, white and pink in order to give all range of customer styles to enjoy!  When decided how to style this top combination, we couldn’t decide between the short and the long necklaces, we actually couldn’t decide, which is very strange for many tops as usually decide on one style and that’s it. However, a flippant side to my personality seemed to emerge with this piece, of which makes it far easier when I dress myself in this top in the mornings.

However, narrowing my choices I did find that a bright silver necklace is one that contrasted well with the bright pink shade of the pink piece and it was darker straps and a gold pendant that encourages the print on the beige two piece to stand out more. We found this also worked well with the olive skin tone of our model Kae, and would also work with darker skin tones out there, whereas our bright pink piece is one that allows fairer skin tones to radiate.


From this, I hope that many of you can decide the colours most complimenting to your look and style. Of course fashion is a personal choice and by no means is this a rigid structure that  you should stick to, because in my eyes, the greatest lead to beauty is confidence and knowing just how amazing you are. However, if you really are stuck, I hope that this can guide you in the right direction.

Anyway, I must dash, today is a photoshoot day and I’ve got many many bits to style for you all.

See y’later!!

Mandy xxxxx



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  • Jackie

    Just received my first delivery…. superb service and love the items I purchased. Thank you.

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