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Hello everybody!

I hope you've all had a lovely week as we edge closer to the middle of April showers (of which the month certainly hasn't let us down!) 

It's absolutely fantastic to know that my clothing goes to such wonderful new homes with such lovely owners, as I have noticed has happened with the gorgeous fashion mommy! Emma, the gorgeous lady behind the very popular blog, featured one of our silk floaty tops in her posts, so together we've had a little catch - up, not just about the top but about life style in general and the balance of style and motherhood, so for all you lovely stylish mums out there, I thought i'd give you a little insight as to how our convo went..... 

Hi Emma, recently stumbling across your 'fashionmommy' blog, the depth of your posts are amazing, and pretty much updates daily! What first inspired you to start your blog?
I suffered from horrendous post-natal depression when I had my son Joe, and it eventually got so bad I had a breakdown and was in counseling for six months.  I started fashion-mommy during my recovery, at a point when I had decided not to return to my previous job as a deputy head teacher. It was just meant to be a hobby but it took off and I've never looked back.
It was wonderful seeing you in our Silk Floaty Top, you looked absolutely fab, especially in your pleather trousers and boots! Do you have any plans for how you will wear this top in the future?
 I think this top is just so versatile, and the floaty, light silk makes it great for summer. I like the idea of wearing it with some 90s style white jeans and wedge sandals for a real summery look, and think a retro style straw or floppy hat would look great too.
Having blonde hair with blue eyes, which colours do you best feel compliment your complexion and what's your personal favourite shade to wear?
It's a bit of a running joke, my friend is a stylist and colour analyst and always suggests I wear neutral shades like nudes, peaches, beiges etc, but I love bright colours. Yellow is my fave but I always get complimented when I wear blue or very deep pinks.  I really believe bright colours lift the mood, and your colour choice should reflect your personality as well as your complexion.
How would you best describe your shape and what advice do you have for ladies out there with a similar figure for how to dress to compliment your figure?
I am most definitely curvy, I have quite a large bust and carry weight on my stomach area, although I have recently gone down two dress sizes. My best advice is to ignore the size on the label and try things on. I think people, especially women, get really hung up on 'size' and this is wrong, The only person who sees the size label is you, so make sure you are wearing clothes that actually fit and flatter you. I used to often wear clothes that wear too big and smockish and this just added pounds, similarly, things that are too tight will make you feel uncomfortable and you won't look good either. Clothes that fit will always flatter and make you feel beautiful.
Lastly, being a busy full - time mum, how do you stay up - to - date on fashion trends as well as keeping a beauty routine?
I love fashion magazines and books, my amazon wishlist is huge and I subscribe to Vogue, so this is how I relax and rewind. I also love shopping, especially in vintage and charity shops for bargains, and read lots of other blogs where you can be influenced by someone's personal style. In terms of beauty - my skin is not the best, so keeping to a regime is important and I love beauty products anyway, so this feels like another treat. My seven year old Joe is quite used to sharing the bathroom with mom - he brushes his teeth and I get the Elemis out!
It's been so lovely to get in contact with such a lovely story, all inspired by style and the growth of confidence as well as the real struggles of motherhood that can often hinder this confidence!
I hope you all have a lovely rest of your week and weekend, I best dash as i've got to get my shop back to normality following our fashion show we've just hosted, i'll let you know all about it next week!
Lots of love, Mandy xx

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