A Forever Fabulous Catch - Up With Sian!


Hello Everybody!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far! As we edge into the second half of the week, I thought I’d share with you a little conversation I had with a lovely blogger, Sian, the creator behind the absolutely FAB blog Forever Fabulous in Bows! Sian is a beautiful plus size lady who undoubtedly has inspired many Plus Size Fashionista’s out there!

We’ve had so much feedback from many of our customers stating that they love our clothes but some of them aren’t quite big enough in size. And considering our customers truly are the best, we thought we would react to your beautiful loyalty and create an even more varied Plus Size Range. With this we’ve had gorgeous compliments from bloggers such as Sian,  of which is so incredibly lovely to hear.

Because of this I thought I would share some of Sian’s lovely words when I spoke with her earlier in the week…

So, Sian your blog, Forever Fabulous In Bows, has been a big hit and I'm sure it takes up a lot of your time. What did you do in your spare time before blogging?

I'm currently studying Digital Marketing, as well as working 2 jobs, so being honest I don't have much free time! I do love getting out in the fresh air. Ireland's beautiful in the sun, and on a nice warm day there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be! 

Back in March one of our Knitwear pieces featured in your blog, talk us through your outfit and why you chose to wear it that way?
It's been a really cold Spring, the Polo Neck was the perfect jumper to wear to the seaside on that particular Saturday. It was so soft, and kept me nice and cosy! For me weekend wear has to be comfy. I paired it with over the knee boots and a cape to add layers, as it was bitterly cold!
Being Plus Size which outfit styles do you always find yourself swaying towards? 
My style is extremely varied, and I don't really sway towards anything in particular. When I'm studying I'm in my sweats, on the weekends, I tend to stick to ripped jeans, new balance and an oversized jumper and when I'm working I tend to be glam! Although for a night on the town, you can't beat a little black dress and heels! 
And lastly, what do you love best about being a Plus Size woman?
Being plus size doesn't define me. It's just a number on a tag! 


It's been so lovely talking to Sian as it has been talking to all other bloggers in the past weeks! And it's them who are always inspiring my new range with their style tips and advice! Much love girls! xx


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