Thank you my Mandy's Heaven Angels!


Hey beauties!

I can’t believe this weather! It feels absolutely phenomenal that I’m getting a bright summer range ready for you when it’s snowing outside! And by snowing, it’s not even the ‘ooh is it rain? Is it snow?’ IT’S FULL ON SNOW! Although it’s not settling, which at this time of year (especially, this time next week it will be MAY!) it can only be a good thing!

HOWEVER, it’s lovely to see that the sun has decided to make an appearance over here in Hertfordshire today, and despite the cold, things are looking up!

Firstly, I want to dedicate this little blog post to all of my lovely customers that are able to make it to my in – house shop. I just love it as it lets me know the first hand opinions of those who wear my clothes, and although I love using my own opinion to select the pieces for you all, even I must admit, I’m not always right, and with the valuable opinion of these customers (of which many are valuably reflected in the comments made by our online customers) we are together, able to create a selection that meets the needs of every woman out there, and I must say, I don’t think there’s much better research than that. And when it’s shared over a tea, coffee, cake and even Prosecco, I honestly could not ask for anything more! So thank you, lovely lovely ladies for that!

Here we have one of my gorgeous customers taking home her purchases within another purchase of the day as well as wearing the Crochet Design Layered Top that she also bought!  I love it!

ANYWAY! Those of you who cannot make it to my boutique, please don’t think I’m forgetting you! This post is also dedicated to you! As I promise I am working my hardest to get every single piece that I offer in my shop available to you!

It’s just sometimes made hard when friends of mine (particularly Kae, the model on our online store) manages to sneakily take certain pieces for herself and other friends of ours before they even have the chance to feature on our store! Cheeky monkeys, I tell you!

 Anyway, I must dash as we’re opening a shop in Wimbeach, Essex this weekend and I’m getting together a summer range to put on the rails, and I can barely keep seated on this chair, I’m so excited!

Love from, Mandy xxx

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