Accessorise your lives!

Afternoon Lovelies!

I hope you’ve all been out there enjoying what the wonderful weather has had to offer as it finally looks like Summer is coming! Despite the weather seeming to have skipped the Spring stage.

We had such a lovely time at our Home and Eat Event on Thursday which mixed a beautiful abundance of Jazz music, canapés and, you guessed it, Prosecco!

The pop up shop was heaving all thanks to you wonderful lot! So thank you very much for all of your support and keeping us busy on the night! It was lovely to see you all!

We’re finally coming towards the season to accessorise! And particularly (hopefully) the season where we don’t need to wear so many layers, of which allows are accessories to stand out even more! Because of this, I thought I’d give you a little heads up on the best way to wear your accessories this year, and how you should wear them in order to make you and your outfit stand out among the rest. (Of which is very important as we head toward the season of weddings and garden parties!

The first of my 'must - haves' is a new one to the collection one that even before a couple of glasses of prosecco is so dazzling that it may make the eyes go slightly blurred, in a good way of course! The silver beaded detail of this necklace allows you to wear it with simply anything and can transform any basic look!


Secondly, I have a statement piece that is simply created for the more formal of occasions. I say this, even though it’s my must have for a garden party, of which do not seem so formal once a few drinks have passed our lips and everyone gets a bit merry.

Next we have one that the angels and I have created, just in time for the maxi dress season. Whether your maxi dress has a printed design, or is made up of one colour, is strapless, strappy or a halter neck, this short necklace will complete your elongated look and draw the attention to your beautiful faces and make your eyes simply shine!

Now, for you lucky ladies with the bigger boosies, we’ve designed a sparkling long necklace that brings the eye down along torso rather than bringing all the attention to one area, and with a pendant piece that rests on your waist beautifully!


Now, once all the sunbathing has been done and your just a little fed up of the sun constantly hitting your face, and in order to prevent you from having to squint all the time, we’ve selected only the best of the hats out there just for you! Not only are they practical and stylish both for a day on the beach or out in the evening, but they even act as an anti ageing product, by protecting your face from the UV rays, but stopping the wrinkle causing squints. Don’t say I havn’t got your back! ;)

Lastly, I thought I’d bring you a scarf, however, I’ve had much trouble with this as I can’t actually decide which scarf is best as they are all simply fabulous! However, ones that I am particularly fond of is our Silk Blend collection that combine a viscose formula with a silk blend (the fairies who create the beautiful range won’t let me know the exact formula behind what makes them so beautifully silky…. They say it’s a secret.) However, they’ve done something particularly special to create a blend that holds the brightest of colour that simply make you glow. A similar glow that comes with a girls inner confidence. Something tells me that the scarves and such confidence are linked somehow……


I hope this has helped any of you ladies out there who were having a little trouble accessorising and just wanted some guidance!

Have a lovely rest of the week

Much Love, Mandy xxx



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