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January 15, 2015

Fashion and style have always been a passion for me and Mandy’s Heaven is both a business and a dream come true. Mandy’s Heaven is more than a typical shop with high quality Italian and French fashion – it’s a boutique experience for all shapes, sizes and ages, created with our customers in mind.

Making it personal is all that Mandy’s Heaven is about. I wanted to create a place where the shopping experience was a pleasant adventure with a personal touch. I wanted my customers to enjoy going through the clothes in a cozy atmosphere, perhaps with a cake, coffee or a glass of Prosecco in hand. I wanted to be different and to offer my customers the best shopping experience out there.

The living room of my 400-year old thatched cottage quickly became the area when my dream could finally come true. Mandy’s Heaven started with only three rails of clothes – a small inventory - and a lot of passion. Soon my friends flocked the place, excited by the opportunity to experience this entirely new way of shopping. They brought their friends, who brought their friends, and within months, my little Mandy’s Heaven range had spread to three whole rooms!

I didn't have a business plan, only my passion and vision of creating the ultimate personal shopping experience. Now we offer a constantly changing range of clothes, jewellery and fashion accessories, including more than 400 different lines.

We are a family business and we treat our customers as part of our family as well. We believe that keeping it small is the way to offer the best customer service and personal touch possible. My  husband John looks after the business side, inventory, packing and shipping. Jay my son (the brains behind our website) looks after marketing, customer service and technical guru. We have just finished building a log cabin in our garden that acts as our office, packing and shipping and it’s all hands to the pumps 24/7. We all work closely together to turn Mandy’s Heaven into a true shopping heaven.

Spreading the Word

We are not a typical business and we don’t like to advertise in the typical way. We put all of our efforts in establishing personal contact with all of our customers and we appreciate all the feedback we can get. Our customers and friends are our marketing agents – we rely on them to spread the word, so if you liked the experience, don’t hesitate to tell the world about it!

Giving Back

Giving back to the community is an essential part of our policy. We enjoy holding events for Breast Cancer, UNICEF, and local fundraisers to help the Church as well. Our greatest hope at the moment is to be able to support not only the above but also possibly an inner city charity as well!

Keeping it personal

We maintain the personal touch in everything we do. The way we pack, wrap, and ship – everything is done with our customers in mind. It started with three small rails and a great vision of providing a unique and personal shopping experience and it hasn't changed much since then.

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