Mandy's Heaven Weekend Fun

What an unusual weekend. It’s not every day you get a 6 ft. bird (yes 6 ft.) walking up your drive and then journalists and photographers descending on Mandy`s Heaven.  All  true! The bird was a Rhea. Looks like an Ostrich.  Two escaped last year and hit the headlines, even on the 10`o clock news. On Friday the second one was actually walking up the drive. John and Jay were in the office; Jay grabbed his camera and got some great photos and video footage. 

Next thing the press descended. I hid (not my thing!) but the boys were having fun giving interviews for Radio and TV. They were gutted that every plug for Mandy`s Heaven was taken out when the interviews were edited. How’s that for a different weekend! Unless you can top that?

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OMG hasn't it been cold this weekend!!  

Kae one of my lovely customers popped over in great need for some retail therapy to treat herself after having a house full over Christmas. Kae was looking for a cosy cardigan among other things to keep out that bitter cold. She loved this cardigan and before she took it home we got some pictures of her wearing it. It comes in Cream, Grey, Mocha and Taupe. PS. Clock the bag!! I have my own in Cream and everyone love's it so I now have it in the shop in brown.

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