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It’s last week was another busy week here in Mandy’s Heaven HQ as we prepared ourselves for the Boy’s High Fate in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire! It was a fabulous event that involved a complete move of our in – house shop into the event arena. The fate included a range of stalls from homemade gifts to sweets and many other treats for the summertime!

However, when at the event I noticed how many women would ask which pieces are best for their shape. Of course, every shape compliments a different style of clothing, but just for you lovely women who may not be sure of how to dress for your shape, I have dedicated this blog post to helping you discover your perfect clothing shape!

The first is the hourglass figure, the shape that gives you a tiny waist, that you need to make the most of missy! The way to accentuate this with what you wear is to add a belt to your look! I simple belted jacket is perfect for this! Why not try our belted trench jacket?

The piece comes in at a mini length, skimming smoothly over the hips to show off that gorgeous figure as well as a belt that can be tightened to any size. This is perfect if your going out for a lunch or dinner and are not too sure how much you’re going to each and how much you may want to loosen it ;)!

Secondly, we have the apple figure, in fact my favourite of all fruits! An apple shape flaunts a slim lower body with most of your weight carried around your middle section. Your aim when wearing your clothing is to minimise your middle by accentuating your shoulders and legs. Many pieces to wear here would include shift dresses or swing dresses that are tight on your shoulders, skim across your middle and flare from your waist.

A perfect piece for this, of which we have in a selection of three shades is our BRAND NEW Polka Dot Swing Dress, available in Grey/White, Pink/White and Black/White.



 Lastly, we have the pear shapes, those of you finding that you carry most of your weight around your hips and bottom area. If you would like to conceal this, a structured jacket is perfect for doing so as it widens your shoulders. Another perfect piece is our Silk Tops With An Elasticated Waist that skim smoothly over the hips, accentuating the chest and waist area more!











… The brilliant thing about being a pear shape in the age of the ‘Kim K’ era is that a big booty is now admired, so ladies with a bigger booty than most, embrace it sister, because there are many women out there that have paid thousands to have implants and you’ve been blessed enough to have had it provided in your genes (or jeans, however you’d prefer to look at it.)

I hope this little guide has helped some of you girls out there! But please please understand that there is no definitive shape and your body through your life will probably change throughout these categories, and maybe even create their own fruit shapes, maybe a banana, a strawberry, or even a mushy pea, (you never know! ;) )

I hope you all have a great rest of your week and even better weekend!

Lots of Love, Mandy xx

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