Meet The Mandy's Models


Hey Guys,

When creating the pieces of our collection for you on our website, I had a brainwave and thought how rude it has been of me not introducing you personally to our models! We take knowing them for granted before noticing that although you see their faces each week, wearing different pieces of clothing, you havn’t actually been introduced. As I have said before, we believe that true, natural beauty is real beauty, and using real women from real walks of life as women to aspire to is something all the angels in Mandy’s Heaven strongly believe in.

First of all, we have our lovely Kae who has been with us from the very start! She’s a friend of mine, mother of two teenage boys, and a lady I met only 2 years ago. Kae is that person in my life who made me question why fate didn’t bring us together sooner as she’s now one of my closest friends.

She comes to our home every week looking gorgeous and glam, and I’m always extremely envious of how she manages to get her eye shadow so perfect! She’s also the only person I can go on a seven mile walk with and genuinely not stop talking the WHOLE way!


Secondly we have Hollie, a beautiful, beautiful customer of mine, mother of two girls, with an absolutely brilliant eye for classy yet glamourous style! All the angels in Mandy’s Heaven are in  incredible awe of her bright blonde hair and blue eyes, and even more stunning smile ( a smile that takes a little bit of convincing to get in front of the camera). We’re always excited when we create any bright blue or pink pieces because we know that her colouring is perfect for modelling such pieces!

We also have Sara, our beautiful Plus Size Model. Sara, I feel is the perfect representative for real women of real size! Being a mother of 2, both under the age of 4, I have no idea how she manages to squeeze in our photoshoots, but she does and she looks fab! 


Lastly, we have Fleur, a red headed green eyed beauty! We first met Fleur when we held our charity fashion show in Bishop’s Stortford, she was asked to model, and having seen how much she glowed on the catwalk we couldn’t help but ask her to model for us and luckily she agreed! It’s been amazing to watch her grow as a model, and work with a girl whose heart is even more beautiful than her face!


I hope this has made you feel more within the Mandy's Heaven family now that you are all introduced to the team!

Have a lovely lovely rest of your week! 

Lots of Love, Mandy xx

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