Your Versatile Summer Must - Have!


I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, even more so than usual because it was a Bank Holiday Weekend! There’s something incredibly beautiful about adding an extra day to a weekend, not just because you can treat Sunday like another Saturday (whereby another bottle of Prosecco seems to have gone missing…..). But also the fact that as a mum, wife and now, business owner, it means I have another day to get my head straight, and despite absolutely loving what I do, it is nice to have a day to spend getting everything together

On the subject of this being here – there – and – everywhere, I thought I’d let you in on a little secret of mine, and by secret, I mean it was a secret, until Mandy’s Heaven online started, when I thought I’d tell everyone.

When first creating Mandy’s Heaven I had always wanted to bring a pair of shoes to the public that mixes both a casual feel without compromising on style or beauty.  I realised this when I was once getting ready and realised that I only ever seem to have my either, day time comfy shoe, whether it be a foam flip flop or basic sandal, or my night time stilettos, that after a few proseccos and a few hours on the dancefloor, always seemed hard (and painful) to walk in.

I then thought particularly hard about when i’m on holiday or out in Cambridge for the day, when daytime swiftly turns into an evening and I’m left there slumbered in my basic shoes that really don’t look ready for a cocktail.

That was when I decided to mix the two.

I needed a shoe that was perfect for both the day time as well as the evening! One for those of us who want to be glamorous in the day yet comfortable in the night time! Or even for those of us who don’t necessarily want to have to change their outfit between being around the pool and going out for a meal whilst being on holiday!

Here at Mandy’s Heaven, we’ve found it!

Having delicately decided on the heel type, a wedged heel was agreed, with a range between, white, black and clear jelly.

We decided on the wedged heel because, having listening to customers in the shop, many of them spoke about how they preferred what heels did to their legs, by elongating and slimming them. (The fairies here at Mandy’s Heaven never seem to have this problem, as when there in flight they can stretch their legs as long as possible making them look as slim as they want.) – They also insist that never use any fairy dust magic for this, but im not so convinced ;).

Anyway, and what better reason is there to wear them when your by a pool in your swimming cossy?

We knew, as well that some women prefer a toe post and some just prefer a strap and that is why we have made sure that our collection includes both, to suit every type of preference!

We also knew that our women love a choice, we did not want to restrict our women in colour or jewel shape, as that is exactly why we have brought together the most beautiful range of 30 different wedged pool shoes!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful end to your week and an even better weekend! Oh and remind me to tell you about John and I’s stay in a tree house for 2 nights, in next week’s blog…. it was particularly eventful!

Lots of Love, Mandy xx

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