The Perfect Tree Top Stay That You Just HAVE To Try!

Finally I’m able to say happy summer! All because previously I havn’t been able to as I didn’t think our weather deserved it! But thank the Lord, it’s actually picked up and we’ve all been able to celebrate in the BBQ weather over the weekend! I’ve just got my fingers crossed that it stays because I absolutely love having the cabin doors wide open letting the sun stream in!
Anyway, back to what we’ve been up to; if I was to say that John and I spent the weekend in a tree house, would you believe me? Well I can 100% assure you that it’s true and we absolutely loved it!
A present from the boys for John’s birthday (which was also last week) was a trip to Tinker Tree House in Wrexham, Norfolk and it was beautiful! The experience included a stay in a plush tree house, of which contained a stove, fridge and everything you would need for a weekend break.
It was so beautiful to see the sunlight fall through the gaps in the trees that fed into our tree house in the morning. I feel like I actually know what it’s like to live as a posh squirrel now ;)!!!
Even though we didn’t have any electricity and had to walk outside to use the showers, it actually made the experience even more enjoyable and unique.
We even had a little bit to eat on in the Dabbling Duck in Sandringham (where word on the street is that it’s one of Wills’ and Kate’s favourite places to stop and have some lunch) – which I was completely in awe of!
The weekend, as you can imagine, was spent with a lot of eating, a lot of sitting and even more Prosecco!
It honestly was amazing and if any of you ladies out there are thinking of a different way to treat anyone for a night or two away in the summer, you can’t get more different than this!
I hope you all have a lovely end to your week, ladies!
Much Love
Mandy xx

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