Ascot Fashion Weekend

Sorry I've been so quiet recently, let me tell you what the angels here at Mandy’s Heaven have been up to.

For the first time we attended Ascot Fashion Weekend! With 110 other fashion retailers and designers we set up our stand (a large stand in comparison to most but we do transport and rebuild a whole Boutique.) From the start we were absolutely mobbed, however it was fantastic meeting new customers and it was even more fantastic to be supported by our regular customers who had driven quite a way to the event.

We were also thrilled when our regular online customers introduced themselves. It was amazing, I can’t tell you how much I love meeting our customers especially when they enthuse about a top or outfit that they love as much as I do!

However what was a fantastic event for us and our customers,unfortunately soon turned rather unpleasant.

As we were setting up on the Thursday, we had noticed other stand holders checking our prices, not thinking anything of it, we continued to set up our stand. However, on the morning of the show the organisers came to talk to us as they had been besieged with complaints from other stands saying our prices were too cheap! They went on to say that if we did not increase our prices we could not come back to this event and an event in Cheltenham and Harrogate! We were gutted. 

So John, my husband, suggested that if the other stand holders wanted to come and talk to us we would identify the offending products and try and help as much as we could. As a result, two stand holders came over and insisted that we raise prices on a few items between £28 and £30 up to £45 and £47 as they were selling the same product at these prices. We didn’t want to do this so decided it would be best to take the lines off sale instead.

John informed the organisers that we had, what we thought, appeased the other stall holders. Since this, we have received in writing that we are now banned from any future Ascot Fashion Weekend events, Cheltenham and Harrogate. Reason being, our products are sold at too low a price and if they let us in, eight stands refuse to be at these events so they made the decision Mandy's Heaven can no longer attend. 

On a personal note, I would just like to say to all our new Mandy’s Heaven customers we met, how sorry we are that we will not be at the next, or any event, all due to the reason that we try our best to keep to our word… high quality at low prices! So please continue to support us online as we fill our boutique with new stock and I will also look forward to seeing those of you who have already booked to come over to my in- home Mandy’s Heaven shop, as the Prosecco is on ice waiting.

Much Love

Mandy X 


  • Caroline Watson

    As another provider of lovely boutique items at the right prices – I am outraged that the organisers can be so narrow minded and also that they think they can keep pricing at a certain level! so disgusted. You keep doing what you are doing.

  • Lorraine platts

    id say how smal minded, i think i buy from you because u are a family buisness that sells good quality goods a decent prices i will buy from you as your 5 star service is second to none your clothes are beautiful and i am delighted to wear them keep up your good work mandy and your husband and son do a fab job. Kind regards lorraine x??

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