Clothestrobia in the bedroom!

Afternoon Ladies!
Hoping you've all had a lovely week! Again, it's been a busy week at Mandy's Heaven, made even busier by the fact that I'm going on holiday tomorrow! John and I are going to Crete and I cannot wait! I'm almost as excited to go as I am about telling you all about my outfit choices and clothing inspiration for the week.
Just before I do that, I must set my alarm, as we need to be up at 2 o clock tomorrow morning (appalling, I know) even though I know that despite setting an alarm I'm unlikely to sleep, either due to holiday excitement or through worry that for some reason the alarm won't go off and we'll both miss our flight and it will all be a disaster... Am I the only one to do this?
Anyway, enough of the boring bits, back to outfit choices. It's funny, you'd think that by having my own clothes shop in my house, it would be easy to choose holiday outfits, however, that could not be more wrong! I'm so spoiled for choice, making it a bunch of very hard decisions when it comes to choosing what to take with me... how I wish there wasn't a weight limit on what you can take on a plane! Also, the fact that I feel I need to try everything on and that I also need to pack for John, as his colour co-ordination cannot differentiate the browns from the purples, and as much as I love him, he needs a little help with those colours (don't tell him I said that.) All of which meant that time was not on my side either!
However, once having looked pass the sea of colour that has enveloped my bedroom for the last week, outfits were slowly beginning to emerge and I've started to notice myself swaying towards colours and looks that I hadn't noticed so much before.

I'm absolutely loving this season's salmon colour pieces, all hand picked from my Mandy's Heaven collection, all of which, I must admit, go beautifully with my spray tan and gorgeous nails, done by the lovely Kathryn Hardy in Buntingford. I love it! The spray tan goes perfectly with my layered floaty pieces that work especially well as being so busy with the shop over the past few weeks has meant that a pre - holiday diet and gym sessions have gone out the window!
Anyway, it's safe to say that those things can't be dwelled upon as I've made sure that all my Mandy's Heaven pieces are designed and created to make sure that those things don't matter and if pre - holiday don't go to plan, you don't need to worry at all!
Right, back to clothing choices, where I've matched most of my pieces with a simple  pair of my Silk Floaty Trousers in order to feel serene and comfortable throughout the holiday, all finished with a pair of colour co-ordinated wedged pool shoes, from our ultimate pool shoe collection, to glam - up my look in the evenings. I also combined the look with one of my crochet cardigans as some of us ladies prefer to cover up our arms.
I best get back to the mountain of clothes that need to be narrowed down by tomorrow. I'll make sure I keep you updated on my outfit choices for the week, all from my Mandy's Heaven Collection as I know that the choices I've made today are likely to change throughout the trip, because, being a woman, I like to keep my clothing options open, if different clothing inspiration is to come my way!
Oh... and while I'm away, if anyone from the Mandy's Heaven office mentions about any clothes, jewellery or handbag mysteriously having gone missing.... remember to blame it on the pixies... they can be little rascals sometimes!


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