Holiday Outfit Inspiration!

Afternoon lovely ladies!
I can't believe it's Wednesday already, this week is just whizzing by! I'm so sorry to say that I am writing this from a sunny 27 degree Crete, although I shouldn't gloat too much as I have been informed of the gorgeous weather you all had on Sunday and Monday. Just remember, whilst you were basking in the heat, John and I were limited to the pool bar as the heavens (unfortunately not Mandy's Heaven) opened and the rain poured for 2 days, boo hoo! Despite this, I must admit the rain certainly didn't interfere with the quality of the Mojitos at the bar, and consequently the panic was over!
Unlike the weather, my wardrobe has done me very proud this holiday, all proving that not only can Mandy's Heaven be worn by any women of all shapes, sizes and age, but also for any unpredictable weather while you're away. As you can see below, I surprisingly quickly (considering the grand mass of clothing I bought on holiday with me, through lack of being able to narrow the number of items down) decided to team together my Baby Blue Multi - Layered Dress and Multi - Chain Loop Pendant Necklace in Matte Design of which made me feel both comfortable and stylish in the not - so - nice weather conditions!
I have also been trialling and testing my Brand New Buckle Strap Plait Suede Shopper Bag whilst i've been away and it has easily become one of my new faves (pictured below with again, my Multi Layered Dress, only in a different colour and White Odessa Jewel Wedged Sandal).  It's the perfect size, for by the pool, beach and an evening out. Not too small that nothing can fit, but also not so big that a simple grabbing of the suntan lotion becomes a search in the abyss, which I must say, being a woman, is something we can't always avoid ;). Thursday honestly can't come soon enough as it is then that you will be able to access this wonderful bag and have it for yourself once our Mandy's Heaven 'Holiday Shop' is launched by my angels in Mandy's Heaven TOMORROW!!! Promise to keep a look out as we strive to make you sure you are teaming beautiful style with high quality with your One Stop Holiday Shop with us in Mandy's Heaven!
Another holiday essential I have found this summer is my Lace Insert Vest Top, NEW last week to the Mandy's Heaven website. Before, I had never realised what a long way just a simple vest underlay (particularly beautiful with it's lace trim and only £12) can go. I have worn at least one of the 10 colours available with all of my tops!
Anyway, I best attempt to catch a couple more rays as it looks like the angels at Mandy's Heaven have worked their magic in over here as the sun is deciding to come out! 
So, as they say in Crete, Adio! 
Mandy x
P.S. About this missing clothes I mentioned last week, it looks like I still havn't been rumbled, but just remember..... it was the pixes ;) x



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