June - uary?!?

Hey Ladies!

It has happened! We have finally experienced a touch of the warm June weather that we deserve! Except, by touch, I mean a tiny touch and although it was wonderful, why does it have to be short lived?!? Some of the chilly (almost wintery) temperatures we have been having makes me question whether it's actually January disguised as June at the moment. I shall call it 'June - uary'.   All of which has made John and I's return home from Crete, one with a massive bump! I guess i'm just going to have to get over the idea that 'no we did not bring the weather back with us!' (Major sad face).

With the moany part over, I thought I should let all you lovely people in on a few of my secrets and how I managed a holiday without any wardrobe worries, all thanks to the summer collection here at Mandy's Heaven! Knowing that all my outfits would mould to any fashion mood or weather conditions became the most beautiful and calming thing on holiday, making me feel fabulous and I couldn't have been happier! I've also been receiving lovely comments and pictures from all my lovely Mandy's Heaven customers in their Mandy's Heaven summer wardrobe and it's great knowing that you're so pleased and happy in what you're wearing! Big love to you girlies!
It is this wonderful feedback that has inspired and built the foundations of the 'One Stop Holiday Shop', BRAND NEW to the Mandy's Heaven online boutique over the past week. This includes all your holiday essentials (of which have been trialled by myself for the past 2 weeks), carefully hand picked and put into their own 'Holiday Shop' collection, so that you can find everything you need in one place. Reason being, as a women, I understand the stress of going away and leaving your home and making sure that everywhere is locked up, and that all the plugs are switched off, whilst not forgetting your passport or your purse or your phone or even your husband! And I know that shopping shouldn't be an added stress when so often it is! Instead, we feel it should be a luxury. Hence, the Mandy's Heaven Holiday Shop!

Now, if you're in need of a little inspiration, I thought I'd share an outfit choice with you that turned out as my favourite whilst being on holiday. As pictured above I chose to team together my White Jersey Large Pocket Dress found in my Lookbook Collection  with the NEW Baby Blue Scallop Sleeve Cardigan! Although you cannot see in the picture I wore a pair of Mandy's Heaven Turquoise Topaz Jewel Wedged Sandals, all of which added to the comfort! One of the reasons why I am so fond of this look is the fact that it felt so lovely knowing that I could give a big nod to the Pina Coladas without thinking 'eeeeek - I have to wear a tight fitting dress later!' - as, to me, the best way to enjoy your holiday is without having to worry about what you eat and drink!

Oh and another update! Due to the fantastic response we have had regarding our Silk Flower Floaty Tops, we have extended the family by introducing the Long Sleeved Silk Floaty Flower Top with the same, much - loved pattern and material, only in a different design! Make sure you have a little look at this fabulous little number!!!
Right, I best go and smother on the moisturiser in the best efforts to keep this tan before it fades as I have very little faith in the English weather to keep it topped up! I may also have to take a little trip across the field to the bluebell wood to find the weather fairies and ask them very kindly to push for the warm weather!
Lots of Love and Best Wishes, Mandy x





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