Barbeques and Holiday Blues

Hello lovely ladies!
I'm hoping you've all had a great week last week, basking in the weather that thankfully decided to pick up last week, before it abruptly plummeted at the weekend *crying face*! We have finally been able to whip out the BBQ at Mandy's Heaven HQ! As a partnership I think we've come to the conclusion that BBQ's are John's department and although I am grateful for that, I may have noticed that us women seem to buy the food, make the salad, prepare the vegetables and desserts, prepare the meat for cooking before placing it on the trays whilst getting the plates, salad, cutlery, utensils, napkins and sauces ready to then bring them to the table, yet by placing the meat on the grill it seems the men get all the praise! Is it just me that does this?!? I hope it's not ;)
Anyway, after the many BBQ's in the random spells of beautiful weather we could find, I was in absolute awe of the amazing plans our gorgeous Italian intern, Giulia had over the past weekend, of which she had to travel all the way back to Turin for. I was in complete awe of her weekend and evidently my tan wasn't strong enough to cover up how green I was with envy when she told us all about it, as I missed my holiday more and more.

When deciding what to wear for the event she told us how she had no idea of exactly what to wear, wanting to be stylish, yet comfy throughout a whole day in Italian heat. (Poor girl, don't know how she would cope... Kidding ;) ). With this I decided to take her under my angel wing and whisk her into our in - house boutique to find her exactly what she was looking for! In no time we found 'The One' (one that she has admittedly had her eye on for a while). She beautifully teamed together our Long Taupe Dress and Gold Silvana Flip - Flop (pictured below), perfect for the holiday weather! The colour looked stunning on an olive complexion and as Giulia is 5 ft 11in tall, it only proves that our maxi dresses are perfect for the taller lady! Particularly our NEW Bandeau Maxi Dresses in a Blue and Multi - Colour Design! Of which have an adjustable length for you to have it taken up to your own length.
All of which has made me notice the amount of customers that have made their way to the Mandy's Heaven Boutique in search of their holiday wardrobes! The most beautiful thing is seeing these women blossom in our range and watching them return every year for their summer wardrobe update! It is their taste, my own, as well as new trends that help mould the ever growing Mandy's Heaven Collection and it is this personal touch that gives the most satisfaction from what I do and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing this passion with the growing number of angels that reach both the Mandy's Heaven in - house boutique and online shop!
Lots of love from Your Guardian Angel, Mandy x

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