Something Old, Something New, Something Stolen and Something Blue


Afternoon my angels!
Sunbathing season has finally arrived!! All of which is making me more excited to introduce the weekly additions we make to our Holiday Shop Collection! With these temperatures and without money being spent on blasted heating bills there's really every excuse to treat yourself to our Mandy's Heaven Summer Range! This weather made the weekend perfect celebration for the wedding of Mr & Mrs Taylor in which John and I found it a privilege to attend.
In touch with the bride, I (unintentionally) found myself in something old, something new, something borrowed AND something blue! 'Something Old' being my favourite Flower Print Silk Top with Print Sleeves from last years summer collection, 'Something New' being our BRAND NEW Blue, Pink and Brown Print Scarf from our summer scarf collection only launched on Sunday! My beautiful pair of Blue Topaz Jewel Wedged Sandal took the role of 'Something Blue'. And... well... as for 'Something Borrowed'... This should be my gorgeous Cluster Flower Necklace, however, by borrow, I mean borrow for a long period of time, and may never give back as I love it too much! Again, if asked, it must be blamed on the necklace pixies. They can be mischievous at times ;)
The Prosecco in hand, is unfortunately not from my Mandy's Heaven stash. I simply couldn't disturb the Italian Prosecco fairies, travelled all the way from the hidden parts of Trieste, Italy, as they work hard making the delicious Prosecco potion, specially for my Mandy's Heaven in - house boutique customers. Fairy dust giving it the extra fizz of course.
Despite this, no amount of Prosecco will blur the memory of watching my 24 year old son (as pictured above) duct tape together the legs of his own and the groom's, 6ft tall boss. I doubt that one can be blamed on the pixies!
Anyway, speaking of weddings, I find, they are the best excuse for a summer scarf/ pashmina. The perfect way to mix up any block - colour outfit! It is unfortunate that I too often hear
"A scarf? Really? But it's summer?"
Well I'm here to make a stand against such prejudices and ridonculousness by stating that scarves are far more than just a winter accessory but instead your summer necessity!
In protest, here at Mandy's Heaven, we have just launched a BRAND NEW summer scarf collection, just for you this season!
So for all you ladies out there in search for your colour mix - up this summer, then look no further!
Just like getting a little tipsy, with tying a scarf there are many ways of doing so where neither are right or wrong, so, for you, I have attached a video of YouTube vlogger Wendy showing you 25 Ways To Wear A Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!
Don't forget to have a browse of our gorgeous NEW SCARF RANGE and put your scarf tying to the test! 
Anyway, I must dash, there's an angry man on the phone complaining of sore legs. He says the removal of a certain duct tape has left him with hairless, 'freshly plucked chicken' - look legs... wonder who that is!
Lots of love
Your Guardian Angel, Mandy x

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