'Treat - wave'

Hello my beautiful angels!
I don't think this post can even begin without the recognition of this stunning weather that has been upon us. (Fingers crossed it returns later this week!) I can safely say the British weather has done us proud...Finally! All of which means for 2 inevitable things; the first being the fantastic small - talk potential that comes with such weather extremities in Britain. We can now venture out of our houses in the knowledge that we are prepared for any random meeting that you may have whilst going out. Knowing that even if you're stuck in a queue with a friend's mum's cousin that you met at BBQ a few years back, whose name you can't remember, you will at least know that you have something to mutually comment on whilst in your small talk conversation, that being "Weather's great isn't it?' It's a very comforting feeling! ;)
The second, is the classic British heatwave tan! One that comes out roughly once a year when Britain receives the year's week of best weather. This being, the uneven burn that we all justify with the famous 'But it will turn to tan'. Although I must tell you that one of our angels in the office spent too much time sunbathing in the the same position and looks a little like Ross from 'Friends' when he gets a spray tan "One Mississipi, Two Mississpi, Three...." And if you're not a 'Friends' - aholic like me, follow this link to see what i'm rambling on about!
Apologies for the short length of the blog but I must get to the local shop to top up on fairy dust, sugar and cake for a staff BBQ we're having later! You'd be surprised how much the angels love to eat! Also, my son, Jay will be attending, and if you read my previous blog post, you won't be surprised to know that I have removed all traces of duct tape from the house! I'll leave you with a few pictures in recognition of this beautiful weather!
Lots of Love, Your Guardian Angel, Mandy x

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