Overseas Shipping Won't Go a Missin'!

Afternoon my lovely ladies!

Hope you all have had a lovely week so far! I can only wish that yours have been far less manic than mine as me and the angels here at Mandy's Heaven HQ have been preparing the new collection, all ready to hit the site tomorrow! We cannot wait to show you our new creations!

We've got a little bit of fantastic news to share with you. We have just launched our international shipping service! The postage pixies have been in training and building up their muscles in order for them to be able to carry your parcels overseas! So, EU, welcome to the world of Mandy's Heaven!

There's even greater news to celebrate here at Mandy's Heaven, this being that we have managed to convince the dress making fairies (they can be grisly sometimes) to work a little extra to provide you with a fuller figure collection that meets the needs of you Xtra Xtra Lovely ladies! We know our Fuller Figure Collection does already suit you beautifully curvy ladies, however, we thought that we should treat you all to a little more room in some of our best selling pieces. Hence, we are here to let you know that it is all in working progress and we will let you know when all the pieces are made so the newly 'bulked up' postage pixies can personally wrap them and fly them over to you as soon as possible!

Anyway, I best dash as the dazzle from the sparling new jewellery collection that lay beside my laptop is preventing me from seeing the computer screen clearly!

Hope you all have a gorgeous rest of your week and weekend!

Lots of love, Your Guardian Angel, Mandy xxx



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  • Mandys Heaven

    Hi Ann
    please click following link: http://mandysheaven.co.uk/collections/accessories/jewellery

    Also pleased to share we have just started shipping to Spain which costs £4.95
    Kind Regards
    Mandy x

  • Ann webber

    How can I view you jewelry collection?
    What do you charge to deliver to Spain love your tops.

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