5 things you're lackin' when you're packin'

Hello my beautiful angels!

Sorry i've been so quiet recently, myself and the angels here at Mandy's Heaven have been getting together a blog post to help all of you lucky people that are still yet to have their summer holiday! When planning this I couldn't help but remember the trauma of packing for a holiday so decided to do my research and find ways to make packing your bags less of a struggle (I say 'less' because there's no doubt, however easy us women try to make the packing process, we will always worry). Ultimately, we have found 5 ways to ease the pain of packing!

NUMBER ONE. If you're like me and feel like you could never EVER pack enough shoes then its probably best we make the most of what they have to offer, right? And that means making the most of the empty space inside our endless number of shoes! Whether it be little perfume bottles, bikini bottoms or your last bits of jewellery, it's the best way to prevent all those little items mounting up space in your suitcase!

NUMBER TWO. Jazz up your luggage. Add a little bit of glamour to the way you travel, whther it be a suitcase or squishy holdall, sproose up your suitcase to ultimately avoid the awkard 'is it mine, is it not?' moment when at the luggage conveyor belt. The last thing you need when on a romantic break with your husband is to accidently take luggage belonging to a lad on tour with his friends, instead of your own. The 'Pussy Patrol' vests may not go down too well by the pool. #Awkward

NUMBER THREE. When packing your holiday outfits, its best to stick to a colour palette of 3. Reason being, you don't want to be the person blowing away the cobwebs on one side of your suitcase once you've returned home as half of your clotehs went unworn as you simply 'Had nothing else to wear them with'. My colour choices would include, Salmon, Mint and White. Fresh shades and bang on trend this season. Favourites from my Mandy's Heaven collection being my Floral Batwing Pocket Dress in Salmon, Mint Silk Tie Waist Sequin Top, and White Floral Net Batwing Top . It also means that you don't need to waste any budget on your excess baggage when it could be spent, most importantly on cocktails at the pool bar. Why spend your time 'boo hoo - ing' when you could be 'woo woo - ing'!!!

NUMBER FOUR. Keep your suitcase smelling sweeeeeeeet. The best way to do this is with a lavender bag. Keep it in your suitcase to give all your clothes that little piece of freshness whilst on your travels. In combination with this, take a little laundry bag with you to keep your smalls in as you come to the end of your stay. As they say smell is the stringest trigger of memory, surely you don't want a holiday reminder to be every time you empty the dirty laundry basket at home?!?!

NUMBER FIVE. Cling onto your cling film. It's inevitable that we've all been the victims of the disastrous liquid leak in our luggage when we arrive at our destination. To prevent this, take the lids off liquid bottles and add a layer of cling-film. Then when you put the lid on, use clear tape to seal the gap where the lid joins the container. You can now be spill free!

So there we go, we have come to the end of my 5 top tips for packing this holiday season! Despite from having a little help from the fairies at the bottom of the garden here at Mandy's Heaven HQ, they don't fully understand the full struggles as they fly themselves without the hassle of the airport. However, the fact that their suitcases are so small means we shouldn't envy them at all. 

Oh.. last thing... Make sure you remember to keep your eyes peeled this week for amazing offers on our holiday shop range! Make sure you don't miss out as stock is limited at this time of year!

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Lots of Love, Mandy x


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