A County Fair and Sewing Machine Mare!!!

Hi all,

Despite this grisly weather I’m sure you’ve all been glowing through the grey and rainy conditions in the beautiful and bright Mandy’s Heaven summer collection, as I’ve seen some of my angels doing, always looking stunning. 

However, despite the rain, John and I, amongst many others were able to make it to our local Hertfordshire and Essex County Fair. The affair included Horse Parades, Sheep Displays and even Vintage Tractor Shows and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

But, as I sipped on my (slightly warm)The  plastic cup of wine in the only beer tent at the event, I couldn’t help but notice what was missing, this being something that every woman would want on a day like last Sunday. A PROSECCO BAR! This was the only thing that the fair lacked. A little garden area for us all to sit around, all equipped with a Mandy’s Heaven staple drink. Without having even asked for permission yet, I am taking it upon myself to create a ‘Mandy’s Heaven Prosecco Bar’ for next year’s show. Supplying those at the event with the creation of my Prosecco fairies from my in – house boutique. I’m so excited, I’ve got the bunting ordered already from my beautiful friend Marcellabella!!

I thought of this, only because as much as I say I’m going to this event to watch all the animal shows and take part in all the tug of war competitions and tractor parades, the only thing that I predominantly end up seeing is the bottom of my plastic cup as I have a lovely chin – wag with my beautiful friends from the village. It may sound bad, but who can honestly say that they don’t get easily distracted at events like this, eyy? ;)

This then also got me thinking about always remembering to enjoy things in life without having to worry. Whether it be food, drink or shopping, surely we should all have the right to enjoy them at our own pace and whim, and this, I believe should be celebrated. It then got me onto thinking about plus sizes, as, to me, plus size is something that should not only be celebrated for the fact that it is beautiful but also in the fact that, to me, it reflects women who choose to enjoy the better things in life and make the most of it. All I can promise you ladies is that I am working my socks off with the fashion fairies to increase our Plus Size selection, as nobody should miss out on anything whether they have figures that are bigger or smaller than the social ‘norm’ (which I feel is becoming increasingly more tiny). Now surely that calls for a celebratory glass of Prosecco!

Anyway, sorry for rambling on, I best dash as one of the fashion fairies has got her wings caught in the sewing machine. We’re moving into the autumn collection you see and recently they haven’t been used to working with the thicker knitted materials... Ouch!

Lots of love and speak soon,

Mandy xxx

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