It's time for a Team Meetin'


Afternoon all,

Can you believe it eyy! It feels that the summer has barely started, yet we’ve already edged over into September! It may be different for you mums with the little one’s off on school holidays, but it seems to have simply flown by! Anyway, I hope all of you mums and even grand - parents out there enjoy your well – earned break as the kids begin to go back to school. As a treat for you being so great over the summer holidays, we’ve been working extra hard at getting more and more of our new Autumn collection ready, so keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days!

It’s only just dawned on me how rude I’ve been not to introduce the rest of the Mandy’s Heaven team to all you lovely readers, as, although I talk about them a lot I’ve never given too much detail about the members of our family at MH HQ.

So, in order for you to have an idea of how your products get to you and how the process at Mandy’s Heaven works, I thought it be best if I introduce you to the gorgeous team behind the Mandy’s Heaven magic!


The Guardian angel of the group, and also my husband, John is in charge of making sure all the parcels are wrapped to perfection and delivered to you in a first class service. If I’m ever busy in the shop with customers, John is point of call if any of you have queries or questions about any of our products. He’s also undoubtedly the first to pull any pranks or play any tricks on the other angels in the office of which makes me question whether he’s actually The Guardian Pixie ;)

The angel ‘Jay’briel, John’s right – hand man and also my son is responsible for making sure that every single one of our customers are happy with our products whilst making sure every parcel is made with complete accuracy. He also works closely with the design fairies to ensure your favourite pieces are always available, just for you!


Hannah’s in charge of making sure our small, but strong Mandy’s Heaven voice is heard. With Jay, Hannah works on helping to get Mandy’s Heaven out to everyone, so we can share the Mandy’s Heaven magic with more and more of you. However, as she is about to begin her third year of Management and Marketing at the University of East Anglia, we are very sad at having to give her up for the first term, although we have devised a secret plan to snatch her back as soon as the holidays come round…
Miranda – With Scottish roots our Angel of the North takes the role of making sure you are all up to date with our weekly email, so you can be the first to hear any offers and sales as we love to make sure that you are all well looked after.

Louise – Definitely the Tinkerbell of the group, Louise, a Disney – mad angel is in charge of our social media sites, Instagram and Flutter… I mean Twitter, all so you can be kept up to date with our new pieces as well as knowing what is going on behind the scenes at MH HQ.

Ellie – Our angel Ellie is the second opinion behind each of the pieces within the Mandy’s Heaven Collection. We both work closely with the designing and crafting fairies to make sure that every piece we make available to you all are the best that they can be. All of which helps to sculpt a perfect range for our customers.

You can now breathe a sigh of relief as you know your orders are in the hands of these wonderful angels who do the best they can to give you the heavenly wardrobe for the Autumn!

Love and Best Wishes,

Mandy xxx

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