ADVICE to add SPICE to your Autumn Holiday Wardrobe

Hello Girlies!

I hope your weeks are going well, and all you mums out there are having a well-deserved rest as the kids go back to school this week. As they all go back and the holiday resorts are pretty much children - free and beginning to pack with the childless couples or those with kids who are either ‘too cool’ to go on holiday with their parents or just too old, I thought it best to dedicate a blog post to all you women (and men) out there who are lucky enough to be on their Autumn holidays. All able to make it away in time to not only catch the good weather, but also without having to tolerate the cry of children as they moan at the fact that their ice lollies have decided to melt down their hand as they’ve taken only an hour to eat it.

(Don’t get me wrong, children are lovely, but it always seems that when they’re not your own you seem to have lower tolerance levels.)

So ladies, those of you able to get away in the coming weeks, I', so envious of you as you’ve made the wise decision to avoid a holiday, full of time spent thinking ‘Cute kids, but thank God they’re not mine!' all whilst watching poor parents who look like they need and deserve some peace and quiet, having to instead run around after little Zachary shouting ‘Oh Zachary, please don’t touch tha.. Zachary leave it al… Zachary no’ *CRASH*

No comment.

Despite this, I promise I genuinely do admire parents who take their children away.


However, back to you lucky ones left going away in the coming weeks and months. Whether is be a cruise, resort, adventure or villa holiday, I’ve put together a few outfit choices to get you through the holiday without having to worry, all whilst keeping you stylish and suited for all weathers, as although weather is still scorching in most foreign holiday destinations, I’ve added in a few cooler holiday looks. All of which are drawn from the New Autumn Collection which all of you have exclusive access to.


From a very sunny Greece, our model Kae looks stunning wearing the Sheer Sparkle Flower Top (of which is in the sale at 25% OFF so you grab yourself a bargain.) This piece is perfect for your hot holiday, worn beautifully over a bikini! HOWEVER, for cooler holidays, this top can be teamed with a vest top over a pair of linen trousers or jeans to give a glamorous day look for your trip.


Kae's also looking amazing in our Strappy Striped Harem Dress in White/Taupeof which also works beautifully over a bikini or simply as a day look while you are away. For cooler holidays, this piece teams perfectly with a gorgeous wrap from our WRAP UP IN STYLE selection, new to our online boutique and perfect for the 'transitional' weather season between summer and winter!

Here, I've put together a layered vest top with our Handmade Design Flower Necklace and a pair of White Odessa Jewel Sandals (also in the sale!!!)  from our Shoes Collection. Teaming a mid - sleeve layered top with leggings made it perfect for a cooler day in Italy. I also kept my denim jacket in my essential Buckle Strap Plait Suede Shopper Bag in Salmon to keep me warm when the wind picked up! 

Anyway, that's enough from me, best get back to Mandy's Heaven HQ, the parcel packaging fairies are having a little problem teaching John to delicately pack (his man fingers are a little larger than their dainty little ones).

Lots of love

Mandy xxx


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