Hello, me again, 

It's crazy to think that i've gone from talking about holidaywear last week to what i'm about to talk to you about this week, however, I know it is very necessary. 

To celebrate fashion week this week and the season of wrapping up, just for you I have put together the 6 BEST WAYS TO WEAR YOUR WRAP THIS SEASON.... The last one's my favourite.


 The Complete Cover Up

This look uses the wrap for both practicality and style. Practical because it does the job that all wraps were destined to do.. keep you warm. When all our wraps are intricately prepared by the fashion fairies, this is what is always kept in mind as the fabrics are carefully woven together. Stylish because it blends all that we love this season, warm colours and a tassel trim to give an edge to your look. Perfect for an evening out and a perfect warmth for when you are outside having to wait for the taxi that’s always late. Our Aubergine Ripple Hem Wrap will bring this look to life.

The Assymetric Fold - Over
Because who needs symmetry eyyy? This look is one for the girls who mean business. You don’t want to be constantly adjusting your wrap when you have a busy day ahead. Perfect for the shopping trips. Easy to take on and off when trying on different pieces but also keept in peace when your daughter’s insisting you both walk back to the first shop you entered because she has decided to actually buy the top that you repeatedly told that she would regret buying but she chose not to listen. Our Red Tassel Wrap is the perfect way to this look!

The One - Shoulder Wrap Around
For when a scarf just isn't enough. This way to where a wrap is perfect for when the days get shorter (and far far cooler). The lok to keep you cosy on your commute. The wrap can be wrapped round as many times you like to give you a cosier and cosier feel, although too many times and you may look neck - less (no, not necklace, neck - less). However, this is a way to give you both a stunning and chill - free outfit. To achieve this look to perfection simply make our NEW Black, Gold and Silver Blend Pashmina!

The One - Side Waterfall
A classy look for an evening out. For when you’ve spent far too much money on a dress but you need to prove your husband (if he paid for it) that you WILL get noticed and that it IS worth EVERY PENNY. Actually, the dress is worth more than your paid, so reallllllllyyyyy, you’ve saved money. That’s my theory. Anyway, you want people to notice your outfit underneath, but you also want to keep wrapped up. Hence, a tight wrap around the neck, leaving the rest of the piece to cascade down one side. Our waterfall hem wraps are perfect for this look. Add this elegant look to your wardrobe with our NEW Floral Turquoise Pashmina!

The Neatly Placed Cool Down
It’s been a busy day. You’ve been rushing around here and there and everywhere. The wrap has done it’s job. You are very warm and want to cool down, but your NEW Pink Patterned Pashmina is just too beautiful to screw up and place in your bag. This is the perfect answer! Simply fold your wrap to neatly place over your shoulder for the effortlessly chic look.

The Supercool Superman
Now this is my favourite way (well its definiately my favourite name). The supercool superman is not only for when you want to look supercool, but also feel supercool in temperature. For when you don’t necessarily want your wrap hanging in front of you but still want to show it off as well as keeping your neckline cosy and warm. Simply let the NEW Pink Patterned Pashmina hang behind you in a cape style. Although please listen to me when I say that I can't guarantee that it will give you those flying powers. Those are for the fairies only, apparently ;).

Anyway, I best dash, the fairies are having a crisis, one's caught up in all the fabric and the pixies are only standing there laughing! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

With Love, Mandy xxx

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