Halloween Preparations!!!

So, it’s only 10 days till Halloween and although it might seem a while away, all you mums, nans and sisters out there only have 10 days to get your children, grandchildren, brother’s and sister’s costumes ready for the one night a year where the term ‘no sweets before bedtime’ becomes invalid. Oh crap.

However, living in such a small village at Halloween can be both the best and worst of experiences and I’m sure all you ‘village people’ out there will agree with me. Your kids’ costumes, for example, can be the best and worst. The best being that if you didn’t manage to get your hands on the best and most scary costume, (because all the other mums had the same idea as you at the same time, however, you live in a village, far away from any Tesco’s, Waitrose or ASDA so they manages to get the costumes off the shelf far before you managed to get to the main road) there are hardly any other children living in the small village to compare your child’s costume with, of which removes any chance of guilt for not providing your child with the best of the best in terms of costumes.

Alternatively, Halloween can be the worst experience for us village mum’s as once we do manage to find a house providing sweets for the little trick or treaters, it’s likely that this house, one of a select few living in the area, has prepared themselves for far more trick or treaters than they actually have had so it’s more than likely that they will give your child/ren all their supplies, leaving you with a number of sweets that far outweighs the number of children and all you can think about is how on earth you are going to manage a night’s sleep whilst your children are filled with the fuel of sweets. There’s only one thing I can say to you mums and dads out there in this situation and that is good luck.

Despite all of this and despite the hyperactivity I’ve designed and prepared a stylish, yet cosy and festive look to get you through the evening, of which, despite my moaning, is actually a lovely night, watching all the little ones run around, all dressed up (even if some are in the same costume as yours and it’s very easy to make the mistake of ‘oh, nope, that’s not my child.’)

Instead of those awful round pumpkin costumes, wrap yourself in a gorgeous orange wrap with a cashmere blend and button detail, of which can be worn in 6 WAYS!


Similarly instead of the even worse Frankenstein green outfit, keep your look stylish for the autumn season with the same wrap, however in a beautiful bright green. Whilst your in - keeping with the festive colours, your definitely not keeping with the Halloween, scary look, of which I feel, gives you the perfect mix.

Both of these wraps, combined with a piece from our Deluxe Accessories Range, makes for the perfect look to keep you warm and cosy whilst out with the kids this Halloween. And if, like many of us mums, you leave your Halloween outfit shopping to the last minute, have no worries as with our free next day delivery, your outfit will be delivered to you instantly without the hassel of getting out to the shops!

With that in mind, I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and also keep an eye out for a variety of Halloween recipes in next week's blog!

Lots of Love, Mandy x

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