Age doesn't exist in friendships!


Afternoon to all you wonderful women out there!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend scaring everybody silly over Halloween with frightening costumes, pumpkin carvings and trick or treating (or just lying on the sofa watching The X Factor or Strictly).

This is just a little blog post this week to celebrate the fact that Ellie and I featured in Best Magazine for the first time last week to acknowledge and also celebrate ‘age – gap’ friends. The feature includes 3 pairs of women, us included, describing how they met and why they like their friendships and what they get out of their relationships with one another.

This is something very important to me as I have always felt I have a young mind, or one that doesn't seem to age (particularly since my early 20’s) and I know that a lot of my friends also mention how they feel that their heads seemed to have remained in their 20’s. And despite the fact that we may have gained a few wrinkles over the years since then, it is in fact our young minds that have forever kept us young, and I know for sure that in the years to come that will never change.

This all goes back to something that I always drawn upon, being the fact that age IS only a number and we are genuinely only as old as we feel and that age should never be a factor in any female friendships as what you can give each other, in knowledge and experience is something indescribable, valuable and amazing. Feeling youthful and knowing that you will always have the same opportunities that you had all those years ago, only if you have the sense and drive to go and reach for it. It is this that brings confidence and the glow that I see in all the women that pass through my shop and come back to us with their online purchases.

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Happy Thursday!
With Love, Mandy xx

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  • Mrs Dawn Fitch

    Yes we can enjoy anybody’s company. We have the opportunity to be mentored by others. And learn from older women, from their experiences and listening to their advice.

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