Top 7 New Years Resolutions!

Top 7 New Years Resolutions!

January 06, 2016

Hello All!
I hope you’ve all recovered well from the Christmas dinner bloats and possible hangovers (that may have taken you back to square one throughout the New Year).
When thinking of what I would like to do for my New Years Resolution I decided to try and grasp some inspiration from the web and came across some hilarious and very inspirational ones resolutions, of which some have been admitted on twitter so for a little laugh (or in some instances a ‘lottle’ laugh) I thought i’d share my
7 Favourite New Years Resolutions
At Number 7 we have one that surely must apply to most of the population with either a laptop or an iPhone.
At Number 6 we have one that i’m hoping you single ladies will not attempt to do, you don’t need to be desperate, be free, enjoy your own company and date when you feel its right!

Number 5 - It’s undeniable that most of us this year will want to lose a little weight in the new year Freya on Twitter has decided to
“Stop fancying a slice of buttered bread with every meal”
Every little counts Freya, Every little counts! (Sourced from Lady Smith Gazette)

Number 4 - we have one that, despite being possible, is one that could take up a lot of time, we recommend one of our Mandy’s Heaven Sequin Shoulder Jumpers - of which contain intricate and professional sewing of sequins! Might as well save yourself the hassle Sea Lion Sea!

Despite not being too strange, I think Number 3 is one that we should all adopt as my mum always told me ‘You can never have too many friends’ - and as research tells us that having friends is good for your health, if you have too many Proseccos or chocolate biscuits you have the excuse that this is your way of staying healthy! (Sourced from RealBuzz)

‘Make a new friend every month’

At Number 2 we have one that beats any form of embarrassment that comes with Dad dancing, Dad showing your boyfriend embarrassing pictures of you as a child and Dad’s dress sense. 

And at Number 1I have one that I find the most important to us women…
‘Develop a good relationship with your body’
Steer yourself away from joining the gym but instead just try to love your body. Yes, of course make diet changes if you need to, but also work on your confidence, because no amount of make up will meet the glow that comes with body confidence I promise you! Dress to your body shape and flaunt those beautiful assets of yours! (Also sourced from RealBuzz)

And lastly, as we've made our way into 2016, we’re sadly saying goodbye to one of our beloved team members, Louise. She’s been an absolute angel here at Mandy’s Heaven and we are delighted that she is moving on to her dream job and we wish her well!
Lots of Love, Mandy xxx

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