How To Beat Those New Years Resolution Cravings

Happy New Year To You All!

Many of the Mandy’s Heaven customers have been discussing their New Years resolutions and the verdict is that the majority are either giving up chocolate or are almost  half way through  the January Dryathlon.

Despite not necessarily being able to bring you chocolate- free chocolate and alcohol –free alcohol, I can try my hardest and put my Mandy’s Heaven magic up to some good use and find you the best way to beat those cravings after you’ve had a stressful day and fancy either a glass of wine or bundles of chocolate because, trust me, we’ve all been there and it isn’t fun!

To start, whenever giving something that you struggle to live without, it’s always best to do it in teams, we all know that if we are only to let down ourselves if we are to cave – in, then we are more likely to cave. However, if you are to give up as a group, you will always be there to help someone if they are craving just in the same way that they are able to help you if you are feeling weak at any point. (It also means you have a reason in wanting to avoid the awkwardness of their disappointment, if you are to give in.)



With the help of Diet Blog, I have found 5 of the best ways to beat a chocolate cravings:

  • The first is to go for a walk! Being physically away from the chocolate and by energizing yourself, the temptation to grab a bar of the sweet stuff will be far less likely!
  • The second is to eat foods that simply do not compliment chocolate such as pickled onions or aniseed tastes. By consuming such strong flavours, your body shouldn't want to eat chocolate after!
  • Try to keep your hands busy! By participating in arts and crafts, playing video games or word puzzles, your brain and hands are occupied by things that won’t make you think of chocolate.
  • Cleaning your teeth or chewing some gum after your meals will prevent the craving for sweet stuff that some may have after having something savoury.
  • And lastly, as chocolate cravings end usually after 20 – 30 minutes, when you have a craving, tell yourself you can have some in an hour and it’s likely you would have forgotten all about it by then.







With the help of Pop Sugar, I have managed to gather 3 useful ways to beat the cravings for the odd glass of wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverage….. Here goes:

  • Firstly, its best to consume more complex carbohydrates, leafy vegetables and corn in your diet as research shows the foods supplement the cravings a body may have for alcohol.
  • Secondly, in combination with the first tip, its best to steer clear of fats, salty food products and animal protein as these foods are those that go best with an alcoholic beverage and may, at home have previously been consumed with them. By consuming foods that wouldn’t normally be eaten with an alcoholic drink on side, you immediately make it easier for yourself.
  • Drinking non – alcoholic wine or beer as well as fruit often form a fair supplement for alcohol. Mixing lemonade, pomegranate and elderflower cordial with a touch of vinegar is the perfect recipe for a Pimms supplement.
  • Distraction is also key, by taking yourself on a walk or doing some exercise when you get back from work may immediately fill the gap that would have been filled with a glass of wine or bottle of beer.
  • Lastly, just simply think of the health benefits of what your doing. It’s good to remember that the only bad thing that you are to experience with this is the cravings whereas everything else is of benefit to your body. Research suggests that alcohol is largely related with skin ageing, fatigue and also your body is less likely to feel the need to grab a kebab at 3 o clock in the morning when you’re on your way back from a night on it!

I really hope that these tips will help those of you that are participating in New Year Resolutions such as this over the next month or even beyond. And although these things may not be good for you when consuming all the time, eating chocolate and having a glass of wine in moderation should never be frowned upon, it’s healthy lifestyle changes that make the ultimate difference.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love and best wishes, Mandy xxx


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