Meet Our Gorgeous New Models!

Ladies as many of you will now be aware we have two gorgeous new faces featuring on our website! For months I had been nagging our suppliers to stock clothing for curvier women so that I could meet the needs of all you lovely ladies. When they finally delivered I decided it was time for a re-vamp of our size 16-22 collection. The first step was to of course find some fabulous new models to join the team, and haven't we been lucky in finding the beautiful Lisa (left) and Kate (right) to help show off our new Curve Range!

"I am really excited to be able to introduce the girls to the team and now better meet my customers needs! Over the years I have had so many ladies message me asking for plus size clothing and a model they can relate to! Now that I have found Kate and Lisa I am able to buy new lines for you ladies weekly, so that you can constantly refresh your wardrobes and look your best!"

Lisa is an inspiration to women all over the world, having lost a staggering 8 stone in the past 3 years! Despite wanting to loose a little more, she is now happy with her size 16 figure and has new found confidence in experimenting with what to wear. Modelling is something new to Lisa, however being in the limelight most definitely is not! As one of the official 100 Adele tribute acts, Lisa featured on the popular Graham Norton show where the real Adele went undercover as 'Jenny' and sang with the other Adele tributes.

" I just couldn't believe it, you can see my face at the end of the video and I'm just in utter shock, I kept saying to the girls bless her look how nervous she is! and then she starts to sing and instantly I just knew she was Adele "

When she isn't filming for the new BBC talent show 'All Together Now' Lisa is busy being a full-time mum and performing across the country with her husband Gee, who is a George Michael tribute act. I've already booked them in for a weekly Facebook LIVE sing song don't you worry ladies! It's a wonder this busy woman had time to find Mandy's Heaven and become one of our curve models but we are so lucky that she did. Lisa said I honestly think I've found my dream job. I just need you in my life Mandy, I've always found it awkward putting clothes together, never would I have worn a scarf before! " It wasn't only scarves and a bit of colour I introduced Lisa to, but of course my beloved lace hem vests! As my mum always used to say "never leave the house without your vest", and why would you when ours are so figure flattering and comfortable!

When modelling our new curve jumpers Lisa said " I would never have picked this up in a shop. I avoid anything which scoops up as you can see my belly but this lovely little lace number pulls my hips down and I love it" This bravery and confidence which Mandy's Heaven has been able to give to Lisa is what I want to deliver to all my customers. Just because you may be on the curvier side doesn't mean your wardrobe has to suffer! Add a pop of colour, a lace hem vest and a scarf and you'll feel a million dollars in something you never thought you could wear.

Now let me introduce you all to the gorgeous Kate, who believe it or not was a Mandy's Heaven customer, saw the model ad and applied for the role! Kate lives with her husband and their two children in Saffron Walden and after deciding reception work at her husbands dental practice wasn't for her turned to Mandy's Heaven. Having previously modelled for M&S when she was younger, Kate is well experienced in the industry! " I've had my children now, I found Mandy's Heaven, well I was actually a customer for a long time, saw the model advert, applied to get back into it and now here I am! " 

Kate is a comfortable size 12-14 however feels very strongly about not judging clothing by the label as each brand comes up so differently. " When I look at something I don't look at the size, I look at how I think I will feel in it. So my advice to you ladies would be don't worry about the numbers, worry about how it looks and feels" This is great advice which I would recommend all my ladies listen to. So often we have ladies ask us if our clothing will fit a larger/smaller size and Kae and I always say 'just try it' because it really does depend on you and how you like your clothing to look and fit.

With all our models ranging from a size 8-16, I now feel satisfied that we have models to showcase how our one-size clothing really can work with all shapes and sizes. Kate said that "as curvy women we like to feel comfortable in what we are wearing, but also stylish at the same time. The thing I love about Mandy's Heaven is that you can wear the same outfit when you take the kids to school that you would wear on an evening out, just dressing it up with a scarf or jewellery!"

Each week I will now be buying clothing to add to our curve range, fitting up to a size 22. Be sure to tune in to our weekly Facebook LIVE videos on Thursday's at 1pm to view the week's latest trends & see how the clothing really looks on a range of sizes.


  • Carol Fraser

    Mu current account has been hacked and card stopped. Hence my order will need to wait till new card is sent.

  • Carol Fraser

    Mu current account has been hacked and card stopped. Hence my order will need to wait till new card is sent.

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