How to with Mandy... 8 ways to tie a scarf video

Hi all, 
A lot of ladies overlook the potential of adding a scarf to an outfit. I always add something, be it a necklace, bag or when it’s a bit colder a scarf. Heading into this time of the year where we’re edging more towards spring I love scarves with floral bold prints, patterns and ones full of colour! I’m going to show you how to wear a scarf – sounds simple but it really is the key to completing an outfit! 
  1. Mandy’s Favourite: Start with one side longer, go around with the longer side once, bring the longer length over the shorter and pull it through the loop.
  2. Side Knot Twist: One side longer, wrap around with longer side twice, with shorter loop it over and under, tie and tuck
  3. Snood: Start with an even length, tie a knot a third of the way up, twist it over the head and voila!
  4. The Tie: One side longer than the other, two times around the head with the longer side, tuck the left side through the loop, and then the other, pull both down gently through the middle like a tie.
  5. Mary Berry Braid: Double over the scarf round the neck, put the two ends through the loop, twist the loop and pull ends through
  6. Mandy’s Trick: Right side longer, wrap once around, put hand through the middle loop, pull the longer side through slightly and feed the other side through.
  7. Mandy’s Classic: Hold by tip to elongate the scarf, wrap around once, tie the ends together and bunch it up.
  8. Kae’s Indian Twist: fold scarf width way One side longer, long side wrap around the neck to make both sides equal in length, lift the loop at the front with right hand, hand through from above, move right side over left to create a cross, pull left side up and through loop.
I really hope this has been helpful to some of you lovely ladies, I would love to hear what you think, 
Love Mandy x 


  • Gideon Agware

    OMG. i just wanted to say this blog is amazing.

  • Beauty

    A lot of people do not know HOW TO STYLE A SCARF. Some do not even bother. Scarfs are great accessories and can pop your attire making a statement. Going through this article, I have seen some very good scarfs and inspired ways to style them. Thank you for this and keep doing what you do. I hope you read my comment. Kudos!

  • Deborah Ogden

    Thank you Mandy for the really informative video … loved it! Scarves tied interestingly can really brighten up an outfit! I am now off to go and practise on the lovely scarves I bought from you!! Many thanks Deborah x

  • Sue Turner

    Hi Mandy thankyou so much for the amazing video….love them all, so helpful !
    Love Sue xx

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