How To Wear Pleated Trousers

Pleated trousers have been a favourite this summer. They may not be your first port of call however they’re a good use for either daytime wear - meeting your friends for lunch, shopping trips, just a day spent in the garden or even ideal for a glamorous evening outfit!

You can easily wear anything with pleated trousers. Whether it is a kaftan, linen top or just a plain vest top tucked in, it all looks fabulous!

They can look very alternative compared to your classic DECK trousers but they allow a bit more movement and swing. Pleated trousers are very floaty, roomier and equally versatile than your usual DECK trousers which make them perfect for this weather!

They are flattering on most body types.  The elastication and tie waistband detail allows you to wear them either on the hips or just above enabling to give you an elongated, taller look.

As mentioned, pleated trousers are adaptable to most dress codes - it is just knowing how to wear them which is why I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about it!

They can easily be dressed up with a pair of wedges or our pool shoes and be dressed down for work or an alternative occasion with flat sandals.  They have a stretchy material which makes them 10x more comfortable.

Here are my two examples of a daytime and evening style:

Pleated Trousers for Daytime.

Here is Fleur wearing our gorgeous Chloe Kaftan priced at £33 with our Navy Pleated Trousers priced at £26! You would not really imagine to pair a kaftan with these trousers however, I think it looks very elegant. Fleur is wearing this outfit with Navy Wedges but a flat pair of sandals would look just as good! This would be ideal if you were on holiday going for a lovely lunch or walk by the sea. It would keep you cool and comfortable.


Pleated trousers for evening.

Another style tip is adding a more formal top if you wanted to make it a bit more sophisticated and chic. Fleur is wearing our White Off the Shoulder Top priced at £30 with our Black Pleated Trousers - £26. This top you can wear either on or off the shoulder. The outfit is minimal but that is not to say that you cannot glam your outfit up with a statement accessory. Here Fleur is wearing our long Delicate Silver Charm Necklace priced at £20.  


As you can see these trousers are perfect for daytime and evening wear! You are able to match them up with practically anything!

If you like the look of our pleated trousers click here to order now! 

I hope you have taken some tips from my guide of wearing pleated trousers and that it was helpful! Share your looks with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Please let me know if any topics or tips you would like to see more of on this blog.

Thank you ladies!

Lots of Love,

M x

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