Keeping Cool In Linen This Summer.

Summer is here and all this gorgeous weather is making me think what is best to wear in this intense heat. I want something that will keep me cool and comfortable, yet still stylish? 

Linen has always been a great material for summer. There are so many benefits of wearing linen in hot weather conditions. It is lightweight, breathable and people are increasingly choosing linen garments for all seasons!

Linen is an all time essential for your summer wardrobe, so versatile that you can easily dress up or down. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event, going to work or aiming for a more casual look, linen has a natural ability to compliment every occasion.

It can be super chic and effortlessly stylish, taking you from the beach to dinner on a summer holiday. Just trade in your flip flops to strappy sandals and accessorise with a glamorous necklace!

Linen is the best fabric for ventilation and has such great longevity too. A good cotton t-shirt can last a few seasons but a linen top or dress will go way beyond that. Linen is usually designed to have a loose fit allowing comfort and perfect for people of all ages, sizes and shapes!

Linen is irreplaceable this summer so get buying!

Here are my Top 5 Favourites from our New In:

Lime Sleeveless Linen Pocket Dress £32
Lime Sleeveless Linen Pocket Dress

Charcoal Feather Linen Dress £36

Charcoal Feather Linen Dress

Navy Button Linen Dress £32

Navy Button Linen Dress

Light Blue Off the Shoulder Top £30

Light Blue Off the Shoulder Top

White Feather Linen Dress £36

White Feather Linen Dress

I really hope you found this blog post helpful and enjoyable enough to read, please let me know if any topics or tips you would like to see more of on this blog.

Thank you ladies!

Love Mandy x

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