HOW TO WITH MANDY...Always Look Chic

Have you ever gone shopping or been out with friends and seen someone who just looks chic? Not because of their Gucci handbag or Louis Vuitton shoes but the way they dress and the sense of confidence they hold in themselves. Well, that could be the thoughts of someone looking at you! and its much easier then you think. I decided to write this short blog post just to give you ladies some tips on how to look chic on a budget.

1. A piece of statement jewellery 

If you really want to steal the stares- a piece of statement jewellery will always do the trick, and they're so easy to pair with outfits! I always find when I'm wearing a simple outfit the perfect finishing touch is always a statement piece of jewellery.


I often find if you're a shorter lady that wearing longer necklaces tend to elongate the neck and make you appear taller. Also if you want to draw more attention to your face and neck, wearing short, bold necklaces will bring more attention to those areas and less on the areas you feel more uncomfortable with!



2. A fresh Perfume

I always find a really easy and simple way to look expensive is wearing a fresh scented perfume. This may be in your daily routine already but once you find a scent that you love you can pair it with the outfit of your choice you'll be on the way to looking a million dollars! 


3. Tailored Trousers

Another top tip to look more expensive is wearing a pair of tailored trousers. If you're clothes fit you perfectly you instantly look more expensive! When pairing outfits its always easy to match a nice basic pair of tailored trousers with a blouse or jumper this is defiantly on of my go to outfits for the spring/summer period as its so comfy but can look so stylish! If you're looking for a pair of tailored trousers we currently stock D.E.C.K trousers. These are a figure hugging pair of trousers that are incredibly comfortable! They're so slimming and look so flattering. We currently have the longer version in stock at the moment and are planning on getting the cropped style for the summer!





4. Turtle Necks

 A turtle neck is a true wardrobe essential for the colder months and as its still  true British weather still, a turtle neck will defiantly be a go to for these cold days! They also can make an outfit look very expensive if paired with the right accessories and trousers. The turtle neck gives off a very minimal and classic look yet you can still be warm and cosy! Here are some pictures of how I would style a turtle neck with our models Kae and Fleur.


Matching scarves with outfits is something I love doing! Sometimes a scarf which hangs around the neck can really draw out the colour of an item and make it look a little more exciting then a basic jumper.



If you're not a scarf person try a small classic bag either over the shoulder or holding. The high neck silhouette that the turtle neck brings creates an elegant look and matches perfectly with a classy handbag.

Don't be afraid to add jewellery to turtle necks. Even though the neckline is high, adding a delicate necklace makes the outfit slightly more detailed and intricate, I don't think you can ever go wrong when adding a little glam to an outfit!




 I really hope you found these tips helpful, please let me know any topics or tips you would like to see more of on this blog and I would love to see some pics of your outfits and we love going through all our customers outfit pics at the HQ. Send them to us on our Facebook page at Mandysheaven. Heres the link!

Thank you ladies!
Mandy x


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