Our Fabulous Spring Open Day!

Ladies I would just like to start by saying a massive thank you to all of you who came to visit us at our Spring open day last week. It was a truly fantastic day filled with lots of cake, laughter and shopping! I just love being able to meet you all and help you put together outfits, my feet were certainly feeling it the next day though I must admit! 

For those of you who perhaps live too far away or were busy on the day let me give you a little over-view of the day. We decided to host the open day to enable as many of you lovely women as possible to get the full Mandy's Heaven experience! (tea, cake and lots of personal styling advice from myself and our models). With many of you off on your holidays soon I thought it was time to introduce you all to our new Spring/Summer stock before it was launched online. I was so excited and full of energy with things I needed to get done that I don't think I slept for a full 48 hours beforehand! From the gorgeous home-made cakes to the flower table decorations, myself and the team really did work around the clock to make sure the day was a huge success for you all.

Gorgeous Home-Made Cakes by the Lovely Sophie


I don't know about you ladies but my mouth is watering at the very sight of them! We certainly didn't have much left by the end of the day that's for sure. As-well as the attention to detail on the cakes I also spent a great deal of time making the table decorations look perfect so that there was a welcoming atmosphere for you all! We put my husband John on parking attendant duty which he was naturally thrilled about... ( Well we have to keep the men out of the way somehow don't we ladies!?) Luckily we were blessed with glorious sunshine for the day so our ladies could all sit outside and enjoy their tea and cake in the sun!

All day I was running around like a headless chicken, fetching clothes and our range of KATIE LOXTON accessories from all over the place! You ladies certainly kept me on my toes and that's just what I love about hosting these events. The day was so successful and we had so many lovely comments from our customers asking when the next one would be that we have already set a date! This time we will be hosting an open day on a Saturday so that those of you who work during the week are able to come and visit us! 


We didn't want our online ladies who live too far away to feel like they had missed out. As rushed off our feet as we were we also hosted a mini LIVE on the day to let you all have a nose! We gave a tour of our thatched cottage and gave you an insight into what we had on offer for the day! New lines were launched on the site which sold out straight away and our customers seemed to love being in the limelight!

The day wouldn't have been such a huge success without the amazing support from my wing-women, Kae, Lisa and Kate. They were truly sensational, helping to style customers and serve the cake whilst I was busy helping others. I think every-time I saw Lisa she was wearing a different outfit as customer's were literally buying the clothes off her back!!  Overall it was such a fantastic day, from the lovely messages we received from our customers it was clear the day was a success. I can't wait to open our doors again in June and see more of your lovely faces! 

Anyway that's me signing off to enjoy a much needed break in Devon!


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