Style Spotlight: Lace Vest

Style Spotlight: Lace Vest | Mandy's Heaven

I don't know about you but I have to admit I have bought a new blouse or top that got left in the back of the wardrobe never to be seen again. Why? It was to short or to sheer and looked good in the shop but not at home. What if we told you we have a little secret that can solve some of the most common problems that come with buying a top. That's right our bestselling lace vests are in the style spotlight so we can show you how these can change your outfits for the better!

First of all, let's cover the basics of the collection of vests we have to offer. Our lace vests are perfect for layering and come in a variety of six colours. It's not just the colours that make these a favourite amongst our shoppers it's also the soft feel, comfortable, stretchy fabric and the opportunity to wear in different ways. You can layer these with other tops, wear as it is or wear under jumpers and cardigans.  

 Now you have been introduced to the vests, we can now show you how these can be a style fix to some common issues.

  1. Tops are too short

Sometimes we can have the perfect top but it's too short and doesn't cover problem areas we may have such as the hips and bottom. That is no longer an issue. Each of these vests can be worn comfortably under another top and each one features a beautiful lace trim. This trim can give you the extra length that a top you may have already is missing.  

  1. Blouse is sheer and see through

This can be a real problem especially when the pretty blouses come out for Spring as most are made from sheer fabrics. That’s why many put a vest underneath. For this to work you need a comfortable vest that will smooth your body shape. Our Mandy’s Heaven vests will do just that. With lots of colors available there’s a vest for every blouse.


  1. Some tops don’t show off our silhouette at its best

Sometimes we can buy a layering top and it might cling around all the wrong areas. This can be one of the most uncomfortable things and it can make that new gorgeous top not look its best! However, with the right fitting vest underneath that won’t be a problem. Our vests are body shaping so will smooth out your shape. Not only that but these have a hip slimming effect underneath floaty tops. Perfect!

  1. Our daily outfits can get a little drab

When we wear the same style of outfits day after day it can get a little boring. So why not spice up your look with some lace. These vests have a pretty lace detail that can be a stylish feature to tops you already have. With a few different colours, you can create new outfits with the pieces already in the wardrobe.

Love our vests as much as we do? Shop the full range via our website. There is a colour to suit everyone and they are available in Small and Medium. CLICK HERE

Lots of love

Mandy x 


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  • June Rankine

    Your ideas about the lace vest has given me a new wardrobe to wear. Just what colour to buy is my problem. Will try through pink first.

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