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Hello, Lovelies!

 I’m sorry you haven’t heard much from me lately, but I’ve been hard at work on a brand new project! And I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you!

Thanks to the overwhelming support and enthusiasm of all of Mandy’s Lovelies in the U.K. (and a lot of hard work done by John, Jay and the crew), I am pleased to announce that the Mandy’s Heaven line will soon be expanding to the United States.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been three years since I opened a boutique in the living room of the home that John and I have spent the past thirty years renovating, expanding and improving! Many of you already know my story, but for those who are new to Mandy’s Heaven, I’d like to tell you a little about myself and share my journey.

I’ve always been interested in looking good and being stylish, but as I matured, I reached a point where I knew that I didn’t want to dress in the fast-fashions that were being offered by the various chain stores, nor did I wish to spend more than I had to in order to build a wardrobe full of beautiful clothing. I wanted clothing that was multifunctional and comfortable, but didn’t make me look frumpy or older than I felt.

The solution came in 2013, when my favorite local stores announced it was closing and the owner suggested I help sell off the remaining merchandise. As a trained beautician, I knew the importance of bringing together all of the elements of style and fashion in order to make women feel their best, so I said yes and started down a new path!

I began by setting up one rail of clothing in my living room and selling to my friends, family and neighbors. I found that the comfortable setting combined with the ability to quickly determine exactly what styles would look good on each woman, made me a trusted resource for my customers. Soon I found myself generating enough business to increase the number of styles I offered, and the one rail quickly turned into four! Those four rails have expanded and now occupy four rooms of our thatched roof house in the heart of the English countryside

From the beginning, the response to Mandy’s Heaven was overwhelming and I found myself looking forward to each new appointment and the opportunity to help women look their stunning best! I love being able to offer personalized service tailored to meet the needs of each individual woman because for me, the feeling of success comes from having a woman come into my showroom and leave feeling like a million dollars (without having to spend a million, of course)!

As I’ve expanded my business, I’ve had the opportunity to bring Mandy’s Heaven into different cities and towns through the advent of pop-up shops and Charity Fund raising events. This has allowed me the great privilege of meeting and dressing so many of you Lovelies!

With the help of my husband, John, who does the “heavy lifting” (shipping and receiving) and my son, Jay, who does the marketing, my goal now is to expand my business into United States via our online company

Those of you who already know me, know that my number one priority is to make elegant, affordable, well-made pieces available to mature women who are still young at heart and want to be fashionable. And those of you who are new to the fold can rest assured that everything I offer in the US will be the same high quality products with personalized service that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

As we move forward with the expansion, I’ll be posting regular updates on my newest offerings, exciting adventures (and the beautiful women I meet along the way), and tips on how to update your look for every season so you can always look your radiant best no matter where make your mark! If you haven’t visited Mandy’s Heaven on Facebook, please come join the community and be among the first to see our newest merchandise!

 Until next time, my Lovelies!

Mandy xoxo

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  • Paula

    Hey Mandy… Wow USA… Brilliant I really hope it works out well for you… Who would have thought all those years ago that you would be exporting fashion across the pond…….. Yours John and Jays hard work has certainly paid off… Very proud of you…. You deserve every success you get… Hugs and kisses Paula xxxx

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