Easter weekend saw the impeccable wedding day of my eldest son Mitch, married to his beautiful, blushing bride Rachael, an absolutely unforgettably amazing day! The happy newly-weds got married in High Easter Church in Dunmow and despite the hectic, crazy build up, the day honestly could not have gone better, even if John Legend had turned up to sing the first dance himself!

Although the day went without a hitch, I’m afraid the same cannot be said for the build up! My nerves got the better of me when it came to my dress and I ended up worrying myself over every little detail, even down to the size of the flower on my dress! Needless to say my anxiety and fears were all in vain, as I was truly inundated with lovely compliments on my outfit for the entire day. I think a tip to us all is to believe our friends and family when they say something suits us, let’s stop doubting ourselves ladies!


Pale blue has always been a favourite colour of mine, and a shade that is extremely appropriate for this time of the year as well! I decided the colour was perfect for my son’s Easter wedding. Once I had decided on the colour, the next tricky task was choosing a design, my designer (who I have a lot to thank for!) put up with my constant doubts and changes, with the final piece having an extra silk overlay, as I decided it was far more complimentary to my shape. I think it’s safe to say my dress was not only a magnificent outfit for the day, it was also an amazing piece of artwork that delighted both myself and my family and friends alike.


The only downfall of my beautiful dress was that it very much restricted me from having a good old boogie on the dance floor, and nothing, not even a stunning dress was going to stop me from dancing the night away at my sons wedding! Because I had already foreseen this downfall I had already prepared the perfect evening, boogie-allowing dress! This floor length beige piece has been with me for years now and is one of those dresses that you know you can always rely on, a no brainer when it comes to looking good but also feeling great, even when you’re dancing into the small hours of the morning! 

I can safely say it will be a long time until I have the same amount of fun that I had on Mitch’s wedding day, again! And I think my husband deserves a special medal for putting up with all of my fretting and worrying, I think we can both safely say it was most definitely worth it!


Mandy xxxx


  • aayushi

    Try it for yourself and grow into illuminated. To finish, decide to put on proper hand crafted jewelry! Whereas gold and even american platinum eagle aren’t budget-friendly,

  • judith hutchins

    You looked lovely, and I bet you felt amazing~my son is getting married in September and Im having the same anxiety’s, I’m on about my 5th choice of outfit and i’ve still got months to go !!

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