Mandy's Heaven Angels Reward Program a personal thank you from me, I wanted to reward all of my amazing customers for shopping with me! It's so simple, sign up today to join my exclusive rewards scheme and become a Mandy's Heaven Angel.  Plus I'll give you £15 worth of points in your account to get you started!

Ways to Earn

   £40 Minimum Spend

For Example

If you bought this top which is priced at £43 and joined our rewards program, you'd earn 43 wings. This would be added to your 300 wings (worth £15) you earned for setting up an account. Giving you a total of 343 wings!

How to Spend

When spending your wings you can choose one of three different coupons; With 200 wings, you can get £10 off, with 500 wings, £25 off, and with 1000 wings, £50 off!

Please note: this is a loyalty programme for our loyal customer, therefore please consider the first time you spend your points your order needs to be over £40. The reason for this is I want my Mandy's Heaven Angels to be my most loyal customers and to stop people taking advantage of this generous scheme.

£40 Minimum Spend

Here's How...

Below is a tutorial on how to set up an account and use your wings.  If you'd like any more help, please feel free to give us a call on 01279 777 554.