Our Story

Our Story... 

In 2013 myself, my husband John and our son Jay opened the doors of our thatched cottage to you lovely ladies, and Mandy's Heaven was created! We started with just three rails of clothing, indeed a very small inventory but a massive amount of passion! I took on the stock as a favour to a local shop owner (a shop that I used to love) and began to sell off the bits and bobs very quickly, with my friends cars literally lining up outside my house, eager to have their share of this little unique experience in my living room! This living room quickly turned into three rooms in my house being kitted out with the latest fashion trends for all my lovely customers.

Right from the outset I knew I had created a truly unique shopping experience, it was personal, helpful and most of all fun! Think of ladies shopping with their friends with a coffee and cake in hand or a glass of Prosecco for those wine lovers amongst us (myself included).  Ultimately, I wanted to make it not only the best shopping experience, but something completely unique, an experience like no other! 

As Mandy's Heaven has grown over the years, thanks to all you lovely ladies, our business is now fully online so you can shop from the comfort of your home with ease.

 We Are A True Family Business

We believe that keeping our business modest is key to being able to deliver the personal edge that our customers so dearly appreciate. My husband John looks after the business side including the inventory, packing and shipping. Jay, my son (the brains behind our website), looks after marketing, customer service and is our technical guru.
These operations run out of our log cabin, located in our garden, again adding to the truly unique aspect of not only our business but also our joint passion! I didn't have a business plan and don't now either, only my passion and vision for creating the ultimate personal shopping experience. We now offer a constantly changing range of ladies clothing, jewellery and fashion accessories, all chosen personally by me, for all my customers I know so well.

We all work extremely closely together in order to create your very own shopping heaven online. We maintain the most personal touch in everything we do. The way we pack, wrap, and ship everything is done with you in mind.


If you have any further questions feel free to contact our support team of angels on: 01279 777 554 or email: mandy@mandysheaven.co.uk